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10 Lazy Girl Beauty Hacks To Try Right Now


With this extreme hot weather, it is very difficult to give proper time and care to your skin, hairs and nails. Particularly for those of us who are quite lazy in spending time on their looks. In respect of flawless skin, perfect hair who wouldn’t want to look perfection? Thus, in this reckless routine, we are here with some magical beauty hacks for all those who are lazy in this matter; these are going to work for you without tapping extra effort.

Treating Dark Circles


You just need to have two slices of chilled cucumber to place on your eyes with covering the dark circles. The rest of the work will be done by the cucumbers not you. It is a quick trick to reduce the dark circles.

Facial Hairs


Ladies are lazy in waxing or plucking of the extra hairs on face due to lengthy procedures. Mixture of gelatin powder, lemon juice and milk can do wonders for your face quickly. Just apply and let it dry and remove it with light scrubbing.

Hair Cut


Always try to have a perfect hair cut as per the shape of your face. It will add beauty to your personality and once you are gone through the cutting you will be ready to shine.

Nail Shape


Nail shape ads up the splendor to your hands and personality, give a perfect and desired shape to the nails and if you have time always wear the nail paint before attending any celebration.

Lip gloss


If you are quite lazy to put some extra effort by applying a perfect and matching lip color then forget it. Just apply lip gloss of any light color on your lips to give a decent and shiny appearance.

Shaping brows


While doing some light make up, don’t forget to give a shape to your eye brows, even if they are not in perfect shape and then just use the eyebrow pencil to make them neat.

Glowing Skin:


A lot of us don’t have time for facials and polishers on regular basis. But you can beat the skin dullness by few hacks at home. Just take lemon slice and rub it on your face, leave it for 15 minutes and then wash it. Your face will glow.

Covering scars/marks:

If you have any scars or mark on your face then you can cover it with foundation or puff, now you can have an even tone on your skin.

Yellow teeth:

Yellow and dull teeth ruin your smile and it is recommended to use white soda along with some amount of salt to brush your teeth on regular basis for the best results.


Try to wear ironed and neat clothes. It is not a must to wear a new dress on daily basis; an old dress with neat look can make you look flawless.