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Makeup Primer
makeup primer

10 reasons why you should use a makeup primer


There exist different opinions about applying a makeup primer. Some say it’s just an unnecessary waste of time, while others believe it is, in fact, an essential aspect of flawless makeup application in general. Every woman wants to have a flawless skin and the role of the primer is perceived differently by different people.

You might think that applying a primer to your skin is one extra, time consuming step in your routine that isn’t really going to make much of a difference but until you try it, you won’t realize
how truly valuable a face primer is.

This pre-foundation product is your secret weapon for creating smooth, flawless skin in an instant but if you still need convincing here are ten benefits of including a face primer in your
make-up kit.

1. Primer Creates A Smooth Base for Make-up

Using a primer before your foundation is a complete make-up game changer. They essentially act like a magic wand, erasing imperfections and filling in any large pores, fine lines and uneven
texture to leave you with a perfected base that is ready for the rest of your make-up. The key ingredient is silicone, a colorless water-repelling substance that acts like a base coat for your
skin and feels like silk yet doesn’t interfere with the rest of your make-up or block the pores, making it a great option for most skin types.

2. It makes makeup last longer

Primer helps to stop the sweating from your pores and so will help to make your makeup last for longer. This alone is a good enough reason to use a primer.

3. It reduces shine

Using a primer will also help to reduce shine. Primer absorbs oil, so if your skin becomes greasy during the day, it won’t be as visible as it would if you hadn’t used a primer.

4. It evens skin tone

You can buy primers that are specially made to even skin tones, before you’ve even put on any other makeup. There are primers available that are purple tinted, to cancel out yellow tones
and others that are green tinted, to cancel out redness, for example.

5. It makes you look younger

Primers make your skin look much more youthful. They give your skin a smooth look and theyreduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

6. It reduces the appearance of acne

Although primers do not fight acne itself, they do help to lessen the appearance. They are far better at concealing the appearance of acne than a concealer alone, and a lot more subtle too.

7. It brightens up your skin

Depending on the type you choose, primers can also brighten up your face, before you’ve used any highlighter. You can buy primers that have light reflecting pigments that brighten up any

8. It makes your skin look more hydrated

You should still use a moisturizer, but primers will make your skin look and feel more hydrated. Many primers also do contain hydrating ingredients that will help stop your face drying out, during the day.

9. Makeup Primer Do the Retouch

Besides working on diverse characteristics of a skin during such a short period of time, makeup primers also fill in the lines, wrinkles, and other imperfections that your skin has and create the
Photoshopped effect for your skin. Here as well, the importance of natural ingredients is especially recommended and effective. When correctly picked and combined, those natural ingredients can be a great help for hiding the imperfections and toning down the skin.

10. Primer Can Add An Extra Boost of Hydration for Dry Skins

This post might be heavy on the oil-controlling, complexion perfecting benefits of primers but they work just as well for those with drier skins. Look for ones that contain moisturizing
ingredients like Hyaluronic Acid or Glycerin to add a boost of long-lasting hydration to the skin while also providing all the usual skin smoothing properties that are the main focus of any face

If you have sun damaged or mature skin, moisturizing primers are the way to go as they will help to give your foundation a dewy finish which will make you look instantly more youthful.