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13 Reasons why your Eyebrows are Spoiling Your Look


Eye brows gives you a perfect look to your personality. It is the first thing on your face that everyone notice so you have to be very careful for your look that the brows presents for you.

Today we will give you many reasons that how your bad brows spoils your gorgeous personality.

Square front off

If you are in habit of squaring off the front too much then it is one of the most important reason that your personality goes down. Yes! Squaring off the front of your brows will give a fake look.

Fix it:

Please don’t waste much time from now and just fix the square front cuts! It depends on you weather to use pencil mascara or marker , shape it properly from edges so iit wil give a natural look.

Color your Eyebrows properly

It would be very destroying if you choose a wrong color for your brows. It will surely spoil your perfect look. If your eyebrows are in a perfect shape and cut but you just applied wrong color on your brows then it will be of no value!

Fix it:

It is very simple to fix this problem. You just have to select a right color for you eyebrows that suits to your skin tone and it should be lighter than your hair color.

Patches on Eyebrows

If there are patches on your eye brows then you don’t need anything else that will ruin your personality as it is enough. Yes ! it is true that patches on brows just spoil your look.

Square front off Eyebrows

Fix it:

If you want to give your personality a beautiful and charming look then please stop applying gel on half of your brows. Apply gel on full brows properly to give them shape after brushing .

Messy brows:

Please don’t leave your eyebrows messy. If you don’t comb your brows regularly then it will present a messy and horrible look on your face. There is no other thing more weired then the messy eyebrows.

Fix it:

You have to groom your brows so you will look gorgeous ever! Brush them upward and outward.

Unruly Eyebrows

Unruly or not properly brushed brows just gives a destroyed look on your face. It will present a horrible and weird face that your never ever want to!

Fix it:

It would be good to shape that unruly brows to look awesome. Just tweezers the extra tiny hairs from edges and set them in a proper shape.

Leaving bald spots visible

Empty spots on your eyebrows just gives a very imperfect and it is very unattractive look. It looks so ugly on your face.

Fix it:

Its not a big issue to solve this problem of bald spots on brows. You just have to fix it by filling with pencil or powder and fill those empty spots with in no time to have a perfect look.

Having no hump in Eyebrows

Flat eyebrows gives a very blank image and it is very unattractive. No one likes the flat brows without any arch.

Fix it:

Just make a little arch in your brows it will give a perfect look.

Always use proper brush

If you are not using a perfect brush or right brush on right time then it is not good for your eyebrows and your personality too. When you are going to apply brush on your brows just use proper brush for proper product.