Aijazz Fashion House | Latest Collection by Aijaz Aslam

Aijazz fashion house is being run by very famous Pakistani model and actor Aijaz Aslam. Aijaz Aslam professionally stepped in front of camera in 1993, and almost instantly became a photographer’s delight. Modeling assignments in print and on the runway came pouring in, and he was soon commanding name recognition – an almost unheard-of concept for make models at the time.

The fashion world’s fascination with Aijazz was returned in equal measure by the rising star, who was inspired by its creativity and flair for high style and started to bring more innovative flourishes to his own wardrobe. The positive respomse to his personal style gave him the idea to start his own line of clothing, and he put the idea into motion with the launch of his first outlet on zamzama in Karachi in 1995, which carried a basic line of menswear.

What started as an experiment began to pick up public admiration – not to mention sales. Aijazz’s unique take an masculine fashion was like a breath of fresh air in an enviornment that has historically been more concerned about dressing the fairer sex, and in Pakistan especially provided few options to the style-conscious gentleman.

As the brand’s profile started to rise, Aijazz felt the need to acquire even greater insight into the artistry of design. In 2001, he went to the prestigious London college of fashion to do a few basic courses in fashion designing. He also attended a number of fashion shows and exhibitions in UK, Canada and Dubai, in order to get a feel of international fashion and trends.

As the label continues in its growth, the Aijazz fashion house has expended its reach from Karachi to Lahore and even Dubai, and continues its proud strut from strength to strength.

Aijazz fashion house has recently launched their Beautiful collection for both men and women. See the latest collection by Aijazz and Faysal which contains Ijaz Aslam himself, Faisal Qureshi and Model Ayyan.