The beauteous Muniba Mazari

The beauteous, exquisite, fair fine-looking, glorious and stunning woman Muniba Marzari born on 3rd March 1987 on this planet earth to spread her art and artistic qualities.She is the most beautiful and splendiferous women who disperse her graphic art consisting of an artistic composition made by applying paints to not only the surface but paint her life also through her aesthetic qualities.

Muniba Mazari

Muniba Mazari a Different Person

With a versatile style of painting, she shows her aesthetical sense regarding her painting that is sold hand to hand nowadays. With the art of focalism that describes human tendency and also her cognitive approach towards the art displays her artifacts and technical, imaginative, visual, auditory expression with being the first wheelchair model on the television screens. She works for PTV as an anchor.

Due to her trustworthy quality, she is also the brand ambassador of “The Body Shop in Pakistan, ” and an apart of Ponds miracle team. Lavished with the qualities of selflessness, empathy, passion, eloquence bluntness and succinctness, liveliness she emerges with the inborn talent as a motivational speaker.

Muniba Mazari Motivational Speaker

Her speeches are very ennobling and exalting that beautifies her soul with shining heart. Being an activist, she took part in all social campaigns, worked for the children rights and guided the people about child abuse. Due to her inner beauty that resides in her she visited the APS disasters children and encouraged the children.

After her tragic accident, she is the role-model whose behavior or all of us can emulate success depicts that despite being paraplegic and disabled she had the spirit to re-enliven the soul and taught us that boundaries exist only in mind and if we are passionate about anything which can achieve it with the blessing of Allah.

Muniba Mazari was married, but an incident changes her life she got divorced from her husband after the severe accident that happens to her when she was heading towards hometown Rahim Yar Khan, her driver fell asleep and hit the car. Her husband left her due to this disability, and this is his misfortune that he left her. But God gives her qualities that personify her God-Gifted traits.

She was then carried in a jeep as there was no ambulance available in that part of the city. Mostly such events destroy a man physically and mentally, but she is the most inspiring woman that starts her life with the support of her mother and brother OMAR.

She spends almost two years in bed, and the worst and dreadful time of her life she fights against herself and stands up as an outstanding woman for all Pakistanis. With the encouragement of doctors, her mother and brother she started paintings her old passion and shows her paintings to Sulman Taseer these things motivate her and she starts with a positive energy and depicts that we don’t have to blame events as these are the source for all of us.

Information about her husband has not been revealed though many years. She adopted a child and met him in the education class. An unstoppable love arises in her that motivates her to adopt a child.