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Beautiful Eid Mehndi Henna Designs 2013 for Hands


It is true that beauty lies in the hands of women. If your hands are beautiful, it will show your good personality. This is the reason girls from all across the globe takes too much care for their hands. And when it comes to traditional events such as Eid, then how can women and girls forget about their hands and decorating them with beautiful Mehndi designs ? Girls, no matter their age is, try their best to decorate their hands with the most trendy and the most beautiful designs of Eid Mehndi which coule make them look extra beautiful and different from otehrs on Eid day.

Applying the most beautiful Mehndi creates somehow a inner satisfaction for women. Mehndi is a traditional art mostly famous in the Middle east and Pakistan/India. There are different types of Mehndi available in the market which are of different colors and forms. The most famous is the traditional color in the liquid form which leaves a strong effect on the hands and other areas of the body.

Eid 2013 is finally here so girls are doing their best to apply the most beautiful Eid Mehndi Designs  on their hands in order to make the hands more attractive. So, I am sharing with you some very beautiful Mehndi designs for hands which will satisfy you and will make your hands look more beautiful.

At the end, Our whole team wishing all of you and your family and loved ones a very Happy and prosperous Eid. May Allah shower His Blessings upon you and grace you with joy and happiness always. Have a look on some Hands Menhdi designs bellow:

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