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Do’s And Don’ts To Make Your Bridal Mehndi Dark & Beautiful


Bridal Mehndi

Wedding is a BIG DAY for everyone’s life; we plan to have everything and every moment with its perfection. One of the Important pre-wedding stuffs in marriages is significant and attractive Bridal Mehndi for a bride.

Mehndi  also known by the name of  Henna. Every bride is very much concerned about the selection of designs for mehndi and for the color of mehndi. In Pakistani culture, Bride is considered more beautiful if a her hands and feet are decorated with DARK and BEAUTIFUL color of mehndi.

As per the traditions and cultural beliefs, it is a common fact that groom attracts towards his bride’s mehndi. Every female who is going to be a bride  is very touchy to have the darkest and prettiest mehndi on her hands and feet. Therefore, a few tricks and easy ways can help you out in a quick way.


Do’s to have a dark bridal mehndi:

Here are tested tricks to be shared with you which can give the best desired results.


  1. Leave your mehndi for a longer time:

As it is commonly known by everyone that mehndi should be left on hands and feet for a longer time. Especially if you are going to be a bride then be sure to leave your mehndi for long. Don’t try to wash it quickly even if it gets dry.

The best and suggested time is to leave your mehndi on hands and feet overnight which will give you the tremendous results.

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  1. Apply sugar syrup:

For the better results, apply sugar syrup on your dried mehndi hands. You just need to take 3-4 table spoons of sugar and mix it with same amount of water, stir it until sugar melts and it becomes a thick syrup, now you need to apply it on the portions where you have mehndi.

Be sure that your mehndi is dry. After applying, leave it for 1-2 hours and then wash it. You will have a dark and beautiful color.


  1. Apply balm on your mehndi:

Most of the females are not aware of this easy to use tip for the mehndi, every house has many types of balm, such as Vicks, or tiger balm. So when your mehndi is fully dry and the crusts start to peel-off, then before washing your hands and feet you just need to apply Vicks on the areas where you have applied the mehndi. It really helps to stimulate the color development.


  1. Lemon and sugar syrup:

Mixture of lemon juice with sugar syrup for the darker color works miraculously. It is easy and a quick tip for the brides. You are just required to mix these two syrups and apply it on your mehndi, be certain that your mehndi is dry, after applying it, just leave it till it gets dry. (Preferable time is 1 hour).


Things to avoid:

  1. After applying mehndi, don’t be in a hurry in washing-off your mehndi, as it will not work to devise a dark color.
  2. Never try to dry your mehndi with a blow dry, as it can ruin the design as well as it will not give the desired results in form of a dark color.
  3. Ensure to not to wax after applying the mehndi, as wax will make your mehndi color light.
  4. Make sure of not getting your mehndi dry while sitting in sun light, sun light will lighter the color.
  5. Do not apply anything if the mehndi is not fully dry.