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How to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks


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To get pregnant is a blessing for a mother, but beside this blessing many changes come with long lasting effects, such as body shape, stretch marks, double chin, bad moods, etc. Many females report that during pregnancy their tummy becomes so itchy and tight and it also starts having lots of stretch marks as baby starts growing progressively. Stretch marks are natural during this phase of pregnancy particularly they appear on tummy along with other body areas. Such as they can be appearing on thighs, buttocks and arms, the marks usually start with reddish or brownish tone, which changes the color after pregnancy to white or gray.

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Unfortunately, there is no way that you can prevent the stretch marks, instead we can make them light or fade away, while using few products and home remedies. But then again these medications will work over time; you cannot get immediate results in this scenario. Nevertheless, YES! We can make them light.


Chemical peel off:

It is most widespread technique these days to remove the pregnancy stretch marks, in common language it is also known as derma peeling, in which a chemical solution is used to apply on the effective skin, which helps to develop blisters on the skins and gradually a new skin appears underneath those blisters. The new skin will not have any stretch marks. But it is considered as a very expensive treatment.


Laser Treatment:

Several dermatologists strongly recommend this process to get rid of pregnancy stretch marks, this treatment does not just make the marks lighter but it completely removes them. However, it is the most expensive treatment among all the therapies along with being the most effective one as well.

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Castor Oil:

Castor oil is the one which is mostly linked when we talk about home remedies for skin problems, such as moles, age spots, wrinkles, and stretch marks. Assuredly, just by applying castor oil on the stretch marks helps to remove them permanently and quickly. You are required to apply some castor oil on the affected area and massage it for minimum of 15 minutes. It helps to increase the blood circulation and to stimulate the collagen factors in your skin which helps to reduce the stretch marks gradually.




Egg White:

We all find egg white as smelly and sticky, but in spite of this, it can do wonders to your skin. Therefore, in most of the home remedies for skin, egg white come as a must with its beneficial and most effective results. Apply egg white on the skin with stretch marks twice a day and you will see improvement, slowly but surely all stretch marks will go away.

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Aloe Vera:

It is a well-known home remedy for all types of skin issues; application of Aloe Vera works effectively for the reduction of stretch marks.

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Honey and Lemon juice:

Honey with lemon juice is considered as one of the best remedy for all types of skin tendencies and skin issues. Take some honey and mix it well with some lemon juice and then apply on the affected area with stretch marks and leave it for half an hour. Repeat the same procedure every day for the best result and you get rid of pregnancy  stretch marks.