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Home Remedies To Remove Tan Permanently


Remove Tan Permanently


Summers are here and we all need to relax on the seashores or set out for some fishing, or simply quirk out with friends and family. Yet shockingly, the vast majority of us neglect to ensure our skin is protected from the ruthless rays of the sun. Additionally, the result is obvious in a couple of days! Ghastly coverings of tan on the body that decline to blur with any extra handed efforts, so why do you take chances?

Precautions which are helpful and easy are outlined below to ensure your skin is protected:

  • You can use sunscreens every day with a Sun Protection Factor more than 24 hours or above.
  • You can carry an umbrella each time or wear a hat to protect facial skin from darkening and dimming.
  • You can use every night a moisturizer and clean not just your face but also other parts of the body for cell repair action.
  • Stay dehydrated, drink lots and lots of water, juices, shakes etc, so your body can tune in to the hotness.


Below outlined a few of the many materials from your kitchen rack or refrigerator that can make brilliant tan removal mixtures. Crack them open to see the results. Nonetheless remember, prevention is better than cure!

SandalwooddownloadA natural mediator, sandalwood-paste is what you need if you have returned from a journey with a bad sun tan. Just apply the sandalwood paste daily before sleep time. You can also wash it off once it turn out to be dry or leave it on overnight for best results.





Raw Papaya


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This paste effectively removes the tan. You can use a mask of peeved or paste of the fresh papaya on the skin for 15 to 20 minutes. You can also do this regularly to get the desired results for your complexion.

Strawberry and Milk

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– This is a unique home therapy to remove tan that you will certainly adore. Grind 5 to 4 strawberries with two table spoons of milk. Gently rub this mixture on your face along with the deeply tanned parts. You can leave the pack on for 30 minutes and then clean it off.

Milk plus Turmeric

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In a glass dish, mix a pinch of turmeric powder and milk. Rub this solution on your face and let it dry. You can carefully repeat this process daily until the tan is all gone. You will be amazed at the smoothness of your skin.



Wheat Flour

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– Enlightening your skin nature along with staying tan-free sounds like a rock-bottom to you, then its time you try out the wheat flour as your new skin care treatment. Create a thick paste of water and 2 tablespoon of wheat flour. Put it on your face as a thick layer. You may leave it on for fifteen minutes. The results – A soft and rosy skin.




Aloe Vera


HOW-TO-LIGHTEN-TANNED-SKIN-NATURALLY-with-aloe-veraIt is a great cooling and stimulating mediator. It has nourishing and cleansing properties. Cut the skin of the leaves stretch wise and take out the slippery material with a spoon. Mix it with a spoon till it develops into a foam like look. You can start using this on all the tanned surface of your skin and see astonishing results in about 2 to 3 months.

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Potatoes – It’s also well-known for its mild whitening and cleaning properties. Take a potato and grate it. You can take the juice by squeezing it and can apply on the face with some cotton or cloth, these better be clean. Doing this on a regular basis will definitely get you rid of your tan and allow a smooth skin.

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Ice Cubes – If your sun burns are unblemished, you may also rub in some ice cubes to reduce the burning and discomfort that often escorts a bad tan. Otherwise, simply soak in a bath of cold water to ease the itching of the sunburn.


There are many other ingredients too, like almonds, yogurt, condensed milk and so on, but in order to stay TAN FREE you need to use any of them as the results start to show up after your habitual routine.