How to Make a Diet That Really Work

You are thrilled and excited to start of a new diet system, by the time you are done you will be looking sleek and trim. After going through the first day or two, you start to feel how burdensome and hard this process is, to add insult to injury, everyone you know, is aware that you are working on a diet, and everyone is examining your body’s shape everytime they lay their eyes on you, disappointing you by saying “You look quite the same!!, Are not you??? suppose to be on a diet.”

That adds a lot of pressure and stress on you, feeling judged and monitored all the time by people’s harsh perceptions, while all you want is to benefit yourself by simply losing some weight. the main problem could rise because we dont really understand how our body works, so lets take a closer look at understanding how the human body works.

To make things clear and easy, think of the human body as a primitive tool, its main objective is merely to survive no matter what, it doesn’t care about how it looks from the outside, as long as it is alive and well.

By using diets, which are based on any type of fasting or depriving yourself from food, would lead the body to think that its under attack and won’t get any food soon, which makes its start to react in a way you don’t want, your body will think that you are standing on a desert, island or alone in a jungle where no food around to eat.

The body will think that it should start to preserve itself as much as possible, just in case the worst happens, by storing energy in the form of fat into its fat cells, and by doing so, it will start to gain weight, especially on cheat days that are included in the diet system or at least preserved its fat reserve banks as long as it could.