How to Take Care of Toenails

1How to Take Care of Toenails

It is important to take care of toenails as this is also very important part of human body. You must take some necessary actions in order to prevent any infections to the toe area.

  • It is very important to wash toenails while taking bath.
  • Do not use nail polish to nails that may be contaminated.
  • Do not share shoes, nail clippers or nail files with anyone.
  • Air out your shoes regularly and use some good anti-fungal powder every day.
  • Change socks daily.
  • Avoid very tight shoes and tight socks.
  • Avoid synthetic socks and sneakers.
  • Avoid walking on your bare feet as this can encourage bacteria growth.
  • Wear flip-flops on the beach, public pools or during showers.
  • Regularly check your fingernails and consult with doctor in case of any infection.