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Listeria Outbreak Linked to Raw Milk Consumption


Listeria is not commonly known among people, most of the people even do not know the meaning of listeria. Fundamentally listeria is a germ that can grow in human body and is usually transmitted from contaminated food product or item, such as raw milk, veggies and other raw food products. This germ infects a human body by intake of contaminated food and it causes the symptoms like food poisoning, temperature, dizziness etc.

Health departments report that toxic outbreak of listeria has evidently been linked with the consumption of raw milk and unpasteurized dairy products like yogurt, cheese etc. Many cases have come in view due to the contaminated consumption of unpasteurized dairy products. The listeria outbreak can be deadly for a patient, so this type of germs transformation should not be taken light specially when we all know that how vital is milk for the kids. In our society, parents want to give their kids food with its finest nutritional and ingredients, but when we talk about such cases which causes fear in the people then it is really sad that how one can avoid such an  important and daily food products from intake?

Young kids, adults and all those people who have weak immune system are considered at high risk of severe illness from listeria. Even a recent study shows that it is highly dangerous for the pregnant females, because the transformation of this germ into a pregnant lady can cause a miscarriage, stillbirth, defects in babies and even premature delivery of the new born.

Health officials diagnose the symptoms of listeria that appear within the few days of consuming contaminated food. Symptoms are high fever, stiff muscles, headache and loss of balance as well. It is also reported that the bacteria goes straight in the blood and nervous system which cause high rated dizziness with loss of balance at the same time.

It is strongly advised to the parents that don’t let their kids consume raw milk or raw dairy products, because there are more chances to get infected.

How to avoid such germs transformation:

  • Always try to use products which are not raw. Cook or heat them thoroughly.
  • Avoid using raw milk, if you have raw milk, first boil it, because high temperature can kill the bacteria from the food/milk
  • Avoid using dairy products directly
  • Always rinse raw vegetables under the running tap water
  • Do not eat such food items which have unpasteurized milk in them
  • Always wash your hands, knives, boards and pots after handling and cooking raw food
  • Never store the ready to eat food for a longer time
  • Never store the food in the plastic wrapping sheet for a longer time
  • Listeria germs can easily grow in the temperature of refrigerator and freezers, so it not recommended to consume that food until or unless that food is pasteurized properly on the suggestive temperature to make it sure that germs could have been killed.