Magnifique Lawn Collection by Sana & Samia for Lala

Lala is one of the oldest fashion brands of Pakistan. Lala took start with a simple trading house in 1947 but they officially started retail services in 1972 and its been years they are into fashion market and serving their customers with best quality clothing services, Lala brand continues to provide quality material through custom prints throughout the year. Lala Classic, the first consumer label by the textile house became a market force almost immediately for its focus on unique personal style, affordability and a quality understanding of colours. Lala is working on their niche labels La Femme, Sana & Samia, Kesa & Lala Classic which are very popular among people around the globe.

Lala has recently launched their Magnifique summer lawn collection under Sana & Samia. The Magnifique collection by Sana & Samia for Lala this Summer 2012 is a smorgasbord of colours. From reds, bright blues, fiery oranges and royal purple to greens, pinks, yellows with black and white, this seasons’ Magnifique collection celebrates the colours and vibrancy of life. The Label Sana & Samia continues to offer summer, mid-summer and winter fabric ranges within an accessible price range. See the collection bellow: