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Makeup For Men- Why?


This is 21st century where males and females are considered as an equal in every field of life. Same is the case with, outlook and grooming of the men. Now the time has arrived that, males get more concerned about their appearance and dressing as compared to the olden days. They even focus more about their regular visits to salons and parlors to avail the proper services for grooming, including facials, threading, waxing, hair treatments, body polishers and makeovers etc.

The reason behind is this that they do not want to be presented casually as they preferred to be in olden times, they put extra time and effort for priming and enhancing their personalities even for a daily routine. These days everyone has become so conscious about their looks and appearances, or we can say that media has developed a lot that they target all the audiences including men and women. Currently, skin care and hair care product industry has developed a lot. In market we can easily find each creation separately for men and women, either it could be a face wash, lotion or a foundation.

Now the question is why do men need make up?

Men have become more beauty conscious to apply a little make up or touching over on their face. This also includes a powder puff or to apply foundation to cover the un even tone. They try to use a little blush on for extra shine. Even in films and dramas, have you ever noticed an actor with pink lips? Yes! It is true they prefer to have lipsticks as well, and on screen, all male models and actors are required to apply make up to glow on the big screens.

Makeup for men is contributed by the celebrities as they all are style icons and are representing the media in a flawless way. It is visibly finest for them to come up with a perfect groomed personality and skin. Young generation always follow their role models, so whatever the fashion and style will be presented by these celebrities, they will follow them. Moreover, if we talk about a general man, there are not all men who do make ups, but yes there are many males who prefer to do a little touch up. For example, it is a trend now for every groom to visit the parlor prior to show up on his wedding, many times, such as, for hair treatment, facials, haircuts, waxing, and threading. Most of the grooms go for a makeover, because it is muscularly endorsed by the photographers and movie makers to capture him in a perfect way. So it is not wrong to say that males do need make up, not on regular basis, but for some important functions and events to look more confident and perfect in persona.