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Movie Review- Mah e Mir


Mah e Mir; a movie by Director Anjum Shahzad, featuring Fahad Mustafa, Iman Ali and Sanam Saeed in leading roles. It is a biographical film which focuses on the life of a great poet Mr. Mir Taqi Mir and a struggling poet named as Jamal. Mah e Mir is the poetry of life; it is all about poetry in which Jamal’s role was played by Fahad who has a special obsession with moon. In an interview, Fahad articulates that the film is about the focus on life and struggles of Mir Taqi Mir. Film also has five songs in it.Mah-e-Mir Movie Review

Rather than to be a typical biography of the poet, it emphasizes in sensational events, because the film and its scenes take us to the poet’s mind, where he has all passionate elements and obsessions, the craze of freedom and the desire of a muse.  In the movie, the role of Mahtab was played by the beautiful model and actor Iman Ali, who performed really well and fulfills the requirements of the role as per the demand of the character of a Kaneez.Movie Review- Mah e Mir

Music is one of the most important part of any movie which can take it to the five-star rating or it can make any movie’s review as nothing. However, with Mah e Mir, Shahi Hassan and Ahmed Jahanzeb delivered the finest and the most attractive music to the movie. The songs are not only linked with the story but also add interest and character to the movie. Most of the songs of the movie are liked by the viewers; nevertheless, few have been given normal ratings.Fahad Mustafa and Iman Ali's

Jamal is an upcoming poet in the movie who struggles hard to be famous. Therefore, in the movie, most of the time, Jamal’s frustration comes up with bad attitudes, Fahad has again demonstrated that he is a versatile actor who can fit in any role and can bring the character to life on screen.Mah-e-Mir Trailer Release

The real charm of Mah e Mir depends in the fact that, it runs for two hours and beautifully clears the message. Most of the attractive visual scenes of the movie are the halqa (circle), the coffee house, that old bookshop along with the minor things which were attractively presented on screen.Mah-e-Mir Trailer

Over all the movie was with perfect music, including sound effects, dialogue tones and fine choreography. Iman Ali performed with perfect moves. Capturing the close ups with full presentation of the characters in most of the scenes was of fine tone. Whereas when we talk about narrations and dialogues, then there was a huge gap between the symmetry of the dialogues and the message they wanted to deliver. Nevertheless, viewers gave the remarks that it was an Urdu drama, not a movie. Consequently, the movie was not a record breaking super hit, but is worth a watch with family, friends or relatives to spend some good time.