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Sun effects on skin


Sun effects on skin

It is fact that damage from the sun is cumulative. It doesn’t happen in one day, nor does it happen in a week. But it will happen, because once you expose your skin to the sun over an extended period of time, the damage is irreversible. Those wrinkles will come- no doubt about it.

Taking careful care of your skin throughout your life, nourishing it, moisturizing it, keeping it looking as beautiful as it can, is all for nought if you go out into the sun and dry it out making it flaky, spotted, wrinkled and perhaps cancerous. The price of a tan can be very high.

However, since it is unrealistic to expect us all to stay out of the sun forever, the best compromise of Sun effects on skin may be the following:

  • Go out into the sun, but do so before 10 Am. And after 2 P.M., when the sun’s rays are least dangerous.
  • Wear a strong protective sun block, at least number 8 and preferably number 15; remember that wearing a sunscreen does not mean you won’t get a tan- it simply means that you will block out the sun’s harmful ultraviolet rays. Wearing a sun block means you will get no tan.
  • Cover your head, and wear sunglasses at all times. Don’t pick a pair just because they are fashionable and match your bathing suit. Pick out ones that are both attractive and have good lenses that will keep out the sun.
  • Another hint is to build up your suntan slowly, without burning the skin: The melanin in your body, which is a natural sunscreen, accumulates as you slowly tan.
  • Perspiration is also a type of natural sunscreen. So when you play tennis in the sun, don’t wipe off that sweat, instead, pat it down. But remember, when you come inside, cleanse your skin and moisturize it well. And don’t use your sweat as an excuse not to wear a sun block. You need it to keep out those ultraviolet rays.

Please understand that I don’t advocate giving up being outdoors, canceling all participation in sports, or banishing beach vacations, especially since moving around in the sun means you are not getting the amount of direct rays you would if you were lying on the sand getting fried. But I urge you to at least protect yourself from the Sun effects on skin.

Get that sun block and use it. Also, be sure to drink a lot when you are in the sun, water, juices, iced tea, anything to replenish your supply of water. But don’t drink alcohol, because when combined with the heat, alcohol drains you of energy and makes your heart beat faster. Please also note that never put baby oil or any other oil on your skin before going into the sun. Take a look at a steak before you put oil on it for frying. Now fry it, see what happens to it? It shrivels up, all wrinkled and greasy. Would you want to kiss a fried steak? Think about it.