Sobia Nazir Lawn Spring Summer Collection 2013

Sobia Nazir lawn prints 2013 are about to get launched. Sobia Nazir is offering amazing prints in her spring / summer collection 2013 which will be launched and will be available from 25 March 2013 onwards.

Sobia Nazir is one of the best Pakistani fashion designers known for her amazing collections in all over the world. She is among those personalities who represents Pakistan in international market and did her best to show the world about Pakistani culture through her designs and collections.

Sobia Nazir Studio was founded in year 2000 and its been long time she is into the fashion market working hard to provide women a unique way of dressing. Sobia Nazir is known for her Bridal and formal dresses as she has done so much beautiful work for Pakistani brides and makes their big day extraordinary good.

We are living in a time where every thing is fast and easy to reach. There was a time when fashion information, news, trends etc take weeks or even months to reach other cities or countries and that time fashion was very limited and was only in the hands of elite class. But now this thing has entirely changed and in this modern time, where technology is at its peak, we could not miss anything and can know about the fashion of each and every area of the world and fashion trends are now easily absorbed and due to this, customers, informed about new styles and fashion trends, wants the latest fashion stuff immediately without delaying. This is the reason Pakistani fashion designers are working very hard to get the availability of fashion everywhere.

Sobia Nazir‘s latest collection for women is very stylish and contains modern look that meets all quality standards. Sobia Nazir knows very well that today’s modern women always desires a new looks and style that’s why Sobia Nazir studio always brings for you a perfect clothing every season. In this latest collection, Sobia Nazir gives a different touch. All outfits are marvellously printed without any embellishment. Very sophisticated colour combination makes the dresses more elegant and smart look. This is very colourful collection with very decent shades. In this collection there is both long shirts and short shirts and almost all dresses are with chiffon dupattas. This is a perfect collection for working women and girls for parties and functions in hot summer season. Have a look on the collection bellow, Please also note that following are few images from the collection and complete catalogue will be updated very soon. SO stay connected with us.