Step By Step Eye Makeup Tips

The eyes are the most prominent andessential part of our face and an area which, when tweaked, requires some care and attention. A good make upwill give more light to your eyes and make your look special. Experts know well how to get the most out of this area of the face through the makeup and have tricks to make the eyes appear larger, smaller, almond etc.

Many women do not know how to do eye makeup correctly. So, for them, following are some tips that will explain how to enhance the look via eye makeup.

  1. First step is to apply a base. Whether for cosmetic or concealer which is a way to match the skin tone, with use of it, you can also cover the imperfections.
  2. Choose the points of shade to the eye. They can be pearly, clear or white. It is applied with a brush from the inside out, the inside, up and the eyelid.
  3. Apply eye shadow. It should be a darker shade applied with a brush in the eye socket when it is open, then to open it gently diffuses toward the center and finally does the same thing out.
  4. Apply another lighter shade, from inside the center smoothly.
  5. Lowering the points of shade. With the brush apply lighter shade inside and below the brow to give more shade.
  6. Apply eyeliner, from the center out. It’s even better if the eyeliner is applied with a brush.
  7. Apply mascara. Uniformly and completely cover 2 or 3 times if necessary.
  8. With this eye makeup step by step you will be looking more seductive and very youthful.