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2016 Fashion Trending- PATIALA SHALWAR


In 2016 we have seen Patiala Shalwar and kameez has become the most renowned dress which has its own elegance and style. It is a distinctive dress of Indian and Pakistani Punjab. Young girls like to wear it with kurti or a short shirt. Patiala Shalwar has made a great come back in this summer and is a favorite dress of all Punjabi areas of Pakistan and India. Patiala Shalwar kameez can give an exciting and trendy look at a same time to the ladies, as per the survey conducted regarding fashion and style of dresses of the women, that why do they like this form of dressing? Most of them answered that they got bored by wearing same old fashioned simple Shalwar kameez, so they wanted to have a change in style to be prominent and unique.PATIALA SHALWAR


Patiala Shalwar with kameez is not only a casual dress, you can wear it as a formal traditional costume, like on mehndi functions, you can add up more color combinations and heavy work of thread, objects with beads and sequences on it to give it a modern look.Patiala Salwar Trend 2016

When we talk about the fabric to be used for this Patiala Shalwar and kameez, then for casual routine, lawn fabric is best to go with this style, whereas if you want it to be trendy cum traditional then choose net, silk, banarsi jamawar specifically for the outmoded events including wedding ceremonies. The beauty of Patiala Shalwar is various creases and hues which differentiates it from common Shalwar and trousers.Patiala salwar suit fashion trend for girls

The good thing about Patiala Shalwar trend in the summer of 2016 is that you can easily carry it with various styles. Like for a simple dress to be worn at home to get relax, or you are about to attend a relatives and friends party, you can go for it without taking any second opinion. The best prints for this type of dress are floral prints particularly for summers however, it depends on the choice of an individual. Moreover, for designing the Patiala Shalwar with kameez for the functions, you should remember to add up some heavy work on the shirt with rounded bottom and a little style combination on Patiala Shalwar too.Patiala Shalwar Kameez Suits Collection 2016

You may try to use bright color blends like, orange with red, green with blue, yellow with shocking pink and black can be used with red. The specialty of this dressing is it looks great and beautiful in bright colors, instead of selecting light or dull colors.patiala Shalwar Kameez Collection

The other thing you need to remember while wearing this dress is; always give a unique style, like if you are wearing it, try to wear a kola pori or khussa, don’t wear a typical modern or causal heels. How you carry the perfect accessories to match with the dressing do matter the most. So always wear traditional earrings, bangles and a nice clutch to compliment your dressing.Wedding Dresses 2016 Trends in Pakistan Patiala Salwar Trend Patiala-Fashions-Surrey-Party-Wear-Patiala-punjabi-Salwar Designer Patiala Salwar kameez