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Umar Sayeed Lawn Collection 2014 – Single Piece


Umar Sayeed recently launched his new summer 2014 collection for women and girls. This is not a typical summer collection as this collection is only consisting on single shirt piece but extremely attractive ones which will give you a marvelous look in the summer season. Umar Sayeed Lawn Collection 2014 is what every women will love to wear and love to have in their closet.

Umar Sayeed Designer

Umar Sayeed is a big name in Pakistani fashion market who is being recognized in all across the globe and have done outstanding work in fashion industry. Umar Sayeed is not only a brand name, he is a symbol and inspiration for many other new and old fashion designers. Today, Umar Sayeed collections for summer and winter seasons are considered as one of the most sold dress collection.

This brand is not only known for typical seasonal dresses, infect the main reason of the popularity of this brand name is the stunning work on Bridal dresses. Umar Sayeed Bridal dress collections are considered as the most astonishing and stupendous dress collections. I have seen many times that women are too much crazy about the dresses by Umar Sayeed and they always wait for everything by Umar Sayeed.

Umar Sayeed Summer Lawn Collection 2014

Lawn season is here and every girl and woman is crazy about the lawns. You can see women’s craze about shopping even in the hot days women can’t stop themselves as they need to wear the best outfits available in the market. This single piece lawn dress collection by Umar Sayeed will give you everything you need to wear in the summer season and definitely will get the desired look. All you need to do is to select the design and go out for shopping.

Summer Lawn Collection 2014 Pictures

If you want to see the pictures from Umar Sayeed Lawn collection 2014, then stay with us as I am going to share with you pictures from the collection which you can also see in detail by visiting your nearby outlet. These prints are also available in all the leading stores in Pakistan. So hold your breathe and have a look on this stunning single piece lawn collection by Umar Sayeed.