Umar Sayeed Winter Collection 2013-14 by Al-Karam

Umar Sayeed is Pakistan’s leading fashion designer who has been into the scene of fashion since many years. He is doing outstanding work in the fashion industry and providing women with luxurious clothing. Many women loves to wear the dresses by Umar Sayeed as they are always different, comfortable and elegant which makes a perfect choice for women all the days and nights.

Umar Sayeed‘s collections are always inspired by some artistic thoughts and provides women with the most trendy fashion wears. Not only him, but many other fashion designers of Pakistan are doing amazing work and makes women feel different and beautiful. As this is the era of style and glamour, so every women wants to have the look that she only could desire in the past. Now its nothing difficult at all as we have all the resources and things available in the market and its easy to get what we desire. Thanks to the fashion designers who make this possible for all of us to wear the most beautiful and trendy dress within our range.

Umar Sayeed in collaboration with Alkaram studio has launched this new Winter collection 2014 for women.  Alkaram studio is also one of the leading fashion brands in Pakistan by Alkaram textile who are also doing outstanding work in the fashion industry and making new trends. This collection is consisting on new designs which are very suitable for this season. Winter is about to come and its best time to get the winter dresses ready. Dresses in this collection are very colourful such as red, green, orange shades are looking very nice and are typical winter colors which will make your personality more attractive. There is a beautiful embroidery work as well which you will love to wear while going out even in small functions as well. This collection is a A glamorous mix of luxurious winter designs accentuated with shawals and fabrics that bring out the warm feeling of joy with exuberance and beauty that lets you shine. So stay with us and here you can see the latest Umar Sayeed Collection 2014 by Alkaram textile.