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What Does “Home” Mean For You?



Meaning of home can be different for everyone. Everyone can define home by their own feelings, and opinions, like for some people, it’s a residence, few says its where they live with family, and according to few, home is made of siblings’ little fights, love and care. People have different perceptions and definitions for their homes to describe, which are as follows:


  • Home is where the heart is
  • Home Sweet Home
  • There’s no place like home
  • You can buy a house but you have to make it a home with love and care
  • A home is not defined by its structure but by the people who live in it
  • You find the best sleep at your own homeil_570xn_395209709_ers0

Home is a place where we are brought up with our best childhood memories, toys, and celebrations of occasions with our families. Therefore, a child has the maximum memories where he grows up i.e.… his/her home. Home is made up with family, siblings and grandparents. Many people find it comfortable while living in a small house with family, while others feel relax by living alone in big houses, so it clearly defines that priorities and choices vary person to person, but when we talk about it generally, it comes our approach that most of the people prefer to have a perfect home with their families including siblings.


People travel a lot while staying in expensive and 5 star hotels with best services but when they come home they feel as comfortable as they were never before. A home brings a mental satisfaction and physical relaxation. It is a true fact that family bonding starts within your home, you start learning the family beliefs, traditions, respect, love and care from your home. It is a saying by the elders that your upbringing shows clearly that in which home and by which family you were brought up. Therefore, it is considered as the first learning institution for a child. A child learns everything which he/she sees around him/herself.


Nonetheless, in this fast rising world, the perfect meaning of home has been a bit faded because nowadays, adults are leaving home and families at their early ages for various reasons, such as, few are going for higher studies, few are getting jobs, and many of them are leaving their parents due to their own settlements in life. Still many of the people prefer to have strong connections with their family to make it a home as it was before; they give the value to the existence of the siblings and their love.


They manage to start up get-to-gathers, parties and functions to make the family reunions to set the seamless example of HOME SWEET HOME. So, as per the present realm and routines, it is concluded that a home is a place where you find your family’s unconditional love, care and attention. Where everyone will always be ready to fight by your side, to help you out, to make you relax, to make you happy, to celebrate with you, and to motivate you when you are feeling down. Respect it, if you have a home full of family.