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Home made Remidies for Bad Breath


Bad breath is a very common problem among people around the globe. In every society, there are number of people who are victim of bad breath. Bad breath usually cause due to careless activities and not taking care of your teeth and mouth.

People suffers from this problem, usually hesitate to open their mouth in front of people even in front of dentist.

This problem was not common earlier and nobody and we don’t see anyone ask about bad breath remedies before the invention of mouthwashes and toothbrushes. Food rotting between the teeth which is one of the bad breath causes was considered as normal and nobody raised even an eyebrow at the problem.

There are certain things that the person could do in order to treat the problem. Changes in the diet may require that one should stop eating any such food item that could directly lead to halitosis.

Particular foods consist of oils that are responsible for making one’s breath pungent if one eats them. A couple of examples of such type of foods are onions and garlic even though there are a number of foods that one should avoid if one has a problem of bad breath.